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Update. Sorry!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not posting so much lately, but summer and work got us sucked in so we could not post news so often.

Anyhow, wanted to announce that we have switched from Blueprints and now we are pretty much a hybrid project, but we hope that we will run away totally from Blueprints and we will port to C++ for good. The reason we want is because the things are getting more and more complex so it’s becoming a pain for programmers to get things done and understand what is going on. Also we changed our hud/ui approach so it can be done via HTML/CSS now. Paolo has managed to implement BLUI within our game (you can read about it here: ). Right now we have 2.6 version, but 3.0 just came now so we will switch soon too.

Since we ported to C++, Paolo worked a lot of on melee and now it’s working properly plus the multiplayer support works much better. For testing purposes, he even managed to create a dummy bot, that sometimes can get angry at you and shoot ki blasts or attack you.

Plus we have a new HUD, which is fully functional, but we will show it next time.

For now, Vegeta will be shown. He is already in hands of Andy for rigging while he is getting textured at the same time, so it should be in game really soon. After that Ramunas will start working on maps and Andy will get to work on animations, while Paolo wants to work on melee combos and special attacks. So everything is coming along nicely and we are very proud of the progress.

Proportions are not final.

Proportions are not final.

Can you feel the game coming?

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