The sound designer joins the team

Hello everyone.

We did not post much lately as we have been busy with personal life, yet nothing to be scared of as it was always like that in our team and we always took a “vacation” a week or two every time now and then, but none-the-less things are still been discussed and moved forward in some areas as we try to get some materials done.

Wolf: Do understand we are ppl like you making this, we have jobs, friends, loved ones and families that we give our time to along with this Project. So keep in mind when we don’t post something for awhile doesn’t mean we have given up. We are either being distracted from the above sources or have nothing new to show just yet.

The news we would like to share right now, is that our old friend Garrett ‘Zero SFX’ Lienhard has accepted to assist us with the sounds. This was the area we needed the help most, as good sounds play on the major roles in the gameplay and help to create the feeling.

So, welcome aboard, Garrett.

And we are still looking for a developer to help us with particle effects.

Particle Effects/Visual Effects using Cascade 

A developer that knows UE4 particle system like his wallet or is just amazing with particle effects and can create a very realistic visuals.

All applications must be sent via email: It is highly recommended to add previous work examples or add a link to portfolio/demo reel.

If you like our project or want to know what is going on, you can follow us here or subscribe and receive all the news as soon as those are announced!

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