The progress – no visuals this time

Hello everyone.

During these few last days, our programmer Paolo has managed to implement a character selection and map selection screens. Currently, we can not show anything as the design layout is not finalized, but it can be revealed that we are trying to stick with very minimalistic design in terms of interface.

Our next step is going to be of setting up our in-game HUD in place as we want to have a specific one (the game has HUD already, but it is just a placeholder for now). The wanted HUD is already finished in 2D editor, however it can not be displayed here as those are just alpha maps and gradient ramps, the rest is going to be handled via blueprints.

Also Ramunas and Paolo have debugged a single lighting problem the team was having with the single map.

It is should be mentioned as well that the game has already built-in multiplayer support and it is working, yet it is quite buggy. For now, the game requires a “Steam” running in the background in order to be able to create/join game sessions.

As soon as we have the lights fixed within the map, HUD ready, and materials set up correctly for our Buu character, we should be posting our first in-game video.

Hopefully, as soon as we have few maps finished and few characters done, we will be able to start testing our game and we will need be in a need of few dedicated game testers, yet this will be announced, so please do not try or attempt in contacting about beta testers positions right now. This will be announced. All received applications right now will be deleted and person will not be allowed to apply again later on.

Also, we are still looking for an experienced sound designer and particle effects master, so if you are or know someone, please contact us .

If you like our project or want to know what is going on, you can follow us here or subscribe and receive all the news as soon as those are announced! 

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