In the Beginning…

Hello everyone

Finally, we decided to start our team blog in order to show more of our game progress which we are currently developing.

The start

The development of the game started in mid (around July) of 2014, when the project founder Andy ‘Wolf’ Hood started tinkering with the Unreal Engine 4 and used various open source material to create a game. Shortly after, he asked  Paolo (Bluarchon) Ferrer to be the teams lead programmer. A few months later, introduced 3D artist Ramunas Meironas to the project and after Ramunas, William Chambers joined our ranks as an environment artist. From that moment, the development of this project started to flesh out and take shape.

The progress

The progress is done semi-daily as the team is only of a couple of developers with little experience in the UDK toolset, but everyone is pushing themselves to develop something great.

  • The current state of the game is almost at an Alpha-stage as the current version supports multiplayer, but does require more testing and tweaking to ensure all players can join and host properly has game mechanics and is fully functional.
  • There is already a single in-game character and map, but for the tech demo it is planned to have one or two fully working character(s) and one or two fully functional maps, which means we have to push ourselves even harder!
  • And one more thing.. we decided to create a high quality game so all of the visuals are realistic approach. No cartoon or pseudo cartoon! To give an idea. The characters will not be 100% accurate to their Cartoon counterparts. They will have the features of the characters themselves, cloths, hair, facial and body structure, but the color pallet used will not be of a bright vibrant colors the fan base is use to seeing. We want to try a different approach to the general look of the loved character, without taking away what made them who they are.

Unreal engine 4

These days the market is filled up with various game engines that can offer many various great tools, but the team has chosen UE4.In the past Unreal engine has offered some great development kits and the current version of the engine is far advanced in technology sense and UE4 offers a very user friendly environment. Developers with a minimum understanding of their chosen field, can easily create decent quality level of content.

As the engine is being updated, with every release it can offer more and more useful tools for developers. Another great feature is the marketplace! Where you can get variety of content that help to push the project forwards and cover the areas where are the lack of developers. Think of it as the Unity Store. Missing some stuff, use the market place to get it in and shape it to your liking!

The help

Our team is small. Even with our current size we have accomplished a lot already, but we are still looking for a couple of people to cover areas as the team( Ramunas,Paolo, William& Andy) can not cover all visuals and sound areas. Keep in mind that this is a fan project and all positions are non-paid and the project itself is non-profitable. We do this for the love of the franchise, the universe it holds and our passion of game development.

Sound designer

Someone that does his/her sound magic and creates a top notch sound that could resemble DragonBall Z environment and various effects.

Particle Effects/Visual Effects using Cascade 

A developer that knows UE4 particle system like his wallet or is just amazing with particle effects and can create a very realistic visuals.

All applications must be sent via email: It is highly recommended to add previous work examples or add a link to portfolio/demo reel.

The expectations?

Thanks to everyone who supports us and we will try to keep the followers updated at least once in a week with what we have done. And we do not have a scheduled date for a tech demo release.

  1. #1 by Mandiaye Thiombane on July 15, 2015 - 9:10 pm

    all of this is great guys keep it up


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